Thursday, March 31, 2011

T.M.Revolution's "Stand up! Japan 2011" for charity to be live streamed!

On April 2, at 3:00 PM JST (Saturday-4:00PM malaysia time), singer T.M.Revolution’s charity program, “STAND UP! JAPAN”, will be live streamed via GyaO! and Nico Nico Live Broadcast. 

T.M. Revolution will be the host for this charity event

    The full title of the concert is "Hisaichi ni YELL wo Okurou! Ima Koso Tachiagare NIPPON! STAND UP! JAPAN". T.M.Revolution will be the main host for the nine hour program, which will include events like calling for donations for earthquake victims, a charity auction, and live acoustic performances.

List of the artists involve:
Alice Nine (将,ヒロト) /Waka Inoue 井上和香/ViViD(シン) /Alisa Urahama  浦浜アリサ/AeLL.Ono Mayumi 小野真弓/the GazettE(RUKI)KABA.ちゃん/ギンナナ/グローバー義和(Jackson vibe)/Kra(景夕)/Miu sakamoto 坂本美雨/SuG(武瑠,Chiyu) /柴田英嗣(アンタッチャブル)/じゃぴょん植村/SHOGO(175R) /白石美帆/ダウト/田原総一朗/土屋礼央/つるの剛士/DaizyStripper/時東ぁみ/HELLO KITTY/ビーグル38/ピコ/BORN(猟牙,TOMO)/増山加弥乃/松田美由紀/MICRO(HOME MADE 家族) /武藤敬司(全日本プロレス)/May J./Yuta Yamasaki 山崎裕太 他(Others)

   I hope that big shot artists such as hikaru utada, YUI, ayumi, kumi koda, L'arc~en~ciel, & Otsuka Ai will be participate in the charity event. With their appearance, I'm sure there will a lot more donation amount they can get to help those unlucky victims.

The official website for this event is here

You can watch the charity event at Nico nico douga

I will post step-by-step guide to register an account at Nico nico douga in next post. You need an account to watch the video.

I am looking forward to watch this event. Hope they get a lot of donation.

15:00~24:00 / JST
6:00~15:00 / GMT
1:00~10:00 / EST (A.M.)

16:00~01:00/ Malaysia Time


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