Friday, March 18, 2011

Namewee - We are nothing features Karen Kong


   Our local artist (Malaysia) hip-hop king Namewee officially release a new song name "We are Nothing" on today 18/March/2011. He release his new song and music video of "We are nothing" in his facebook. This MV feat. our local sweetly artist Karen Kong.


Karen Kok

   This song is sing in Mandarin. For those who doesn't understand  what they are trying to sing (like me), you can look at the translated lyrics at the bottom of the video.

 I really like his lyrics and his new song. His lyrics as usual is quite meaningful and with a lot honest remarks of what happening around the world. I can't agree more with some of his lyrics such as "Celebrities making up gossips for fame". He is so honest and bold when is come to show his true feeling and views through his music. I highly recommend this song to anyone as this song is great!

Wiki Bio

Wee Meng Chee (Chinese: 黄明志; pinyin: Huáng​ Míng Zhì​​​​) or Namewee; (born 1983 in Muar, Johor[]) is a Malaysian Chinese of Hainanese descent. He is fondly and widely known under his alias nickname Namewee, a bilingual pun on his Mandarin name (Chinese: 明志; pinyin: Míng Zhì​​​​), which sounds like the Mandarin term for name (Chinese: 名字; pinyin: míng​zi​​​​​).

Wee gained popularity after releasing a controversial song fused with the national anthem of Malaysia, Negaraku, which describes what he thinks of the state of the country and its government. In the following weeks, the song increasingly drew both praise and criticism from various quarters of Malaysian society. While to many Malays, the song ridicules the national anthem is offensive, many Chinese and Indians support Wee


  1. Haha :D Yeah! Celebrities do have to make gossip for themselves from time to time to keep themselves...alive. :p

  2. Actually there no need to do that in order to become famous. Paris hilton, miley cyrus . Both of them famous of making gossips though

  3. Wow - I totally agree with namewee - he is a nothing - a big, FAT nothing! First time he told the truth!!!

  4. If this fat pig is so concerned about ‘racism’ and ‘discrimination’ why doesn’t he say anything about Singapore? Oops, is it because the people doing all the discriminating there are Chinese?

  5. This buffalo namewee is just a front man for the zionists – just remember to become a ‘fan’ of this idiot you need to go on facebook ( which is nothing but a CIA front to gather information on people – which is headed by that smiling misogynist Marc Zuckerberg) and pray tell, exactly HOW does he get money to finance his ‘movies’ and stay in the limelight? You Do realize that he needs a ton of money to stay in the limelight and is probably advised by a publicist, a manager and showbiz lawyer in order to get so much attention, right?


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