Monday, March 21, 2011

McDonald's - Big breakfast review. Is it really your ideal breakfast?

   Rejoice, McDonald's fan. There is ongoing promotion in most of McDonald's outlet.With minimum RM5 purchase, you will get 2 big breakfast excluding the drinks till 31 March 2011. You can get the coupon in McDonald's outlet itself , in your newspaper or online. My question is this really a good deal for us as a customers or McDonald's as a company? Who will benefit more?

I hope McDonald's will have this girl as a new mascot

1.What is big breakfast. From it's leaftlet - "Rise and shine to an eggs-ceptional breakfast at great value. There's no better way to kick-start the morning than with a breakfast at McDonald's. It' everything you want in a heaty,satisfying and complete breakfast, just like our Big Breakfast. It offers a splendid array of sumptuous delights, prepared fresh every morning, using only the finest quality ingredients. It's tantalizing ensemble is exactly what you need for a great start to a great day."

    In my humble opinion, they are trying to tell us that they can provide a delicious breakfast by using finest quality ingredients at McDonald which can't be found anywhere. It's tempting and convincing though however it's not one of the best breakfast that i ever have.

2. Nutrition facts.Nutrition wise, this McDonald's big breakfast is missing out two of important element in our daily breakfast which are healthy and balance. It didn't mention anything at all about healthy and balance meal in it's leaflet. It's cheap, tasty and fast but definitely not healthy. It's certainly lack dietary fiber which can facilitates our digestive system and alleviates constipation.

Detail of Nutrition fact for Big breakfast

   Secondly, Big breakfast consists of  61 percentage of fat, 25% is carbonhydrates , and 14% is protein. It's contain a lot of fat and have high cholestrol level. 445mg cholesterol is 52% more than our daily value intake based on a 2000 calorie diet. Big Breakfast is not recommended especially for those who have cardiovascular disease such as high blood pressure, heart problem. It's also bad for those ecspecially who going on diet and more conscious about their own healthy.

3.How do they  make us to spend? It is value for our money? McDonald trying to reach us customers through television, newspaper and by giving leaflet on their outlets. They attracted us by putting a coupon on newspaper and leaflet with highlight very big letter of "2 Free Big Breakfast" (with minimum RM5 purchase). When customers looking at the words 2 free big breakfast will drive them lose their reasoning and logical thinking, fall into impulse spending trap.

It's not totally free, there is not such thing like free meal especially when involving big food-chain business doing such a big scale promotion. With it's confusing & misleading advertisement, I'm believe there a lot of people out there going to queue just to have big breakfast at McDonald.

Price shown on their official website

    Instead of giving of one, why they offering us two free big breakfast. If you going alone to McDonald to claim this redemption,they won't get as much as profit from 2 people. That's is why they offering us two big breakfast. Can you finish 2 big breakfast alone? I don't think so. Instead, we will invite our friends or bring our family to join us having breakfast in McDonald in order to fill out their table and hoping that we will spend more money. Hence they can cover their expenses and earn a lot of profit from customers.

This a la carte big breakfast didn't come with any drink at all. The cheapest drink is their soft drink water which is RM2.65(medium) excluding 6% goods service tax. You need to buy at least 2 mineral water which are RM5.30 to claim the coupon. Hence, you have to pay for RM5.60(including 6% service tax) for your "2 free big breakfast" worth of RM13.90 (4.57 US dollars).

Carbonated Soft Drink

    At the first glance, it's look like a great deal to us which it's  worth of every cent of our money. But it's still expensive compare with preparing our home made breakfast meal. If you buy a mineral of 500ml in hypermarket, it's only cost RM0.50 without any service tax. It's even better if you drink your own filter water from tab because you can save more. With RM5 you can prepare healthy,delicious and cheap breakfast for yourself and your love ones as well.

My Verdict: If you are one of those looking for delicious and fast food (& you are also McDonald's fans) , this is a great deal for you. For those who looking for healthy, tasty and cheap food, this is definitely not your ideal breakfast. No doubt in my mind that McDonald Big breakfast is very unhealthy and expensive food. I personally prefer having a healthy,balance meal than a meal that contain a lot of trans-fat.


  1. Yeah! They are so damn good with the advertisement. This I have to take my hats off. But too bad... :/ Many didn't realize they are fasten their way into their own coffins. :/

  2. They are really good in promoting unhealthy food to the public. Their promotion is very successful for them.

    Hope, some of them will realize and wake up. =_="

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