Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Interesting advertisement which can inspire us to start a side business?

Second hand items bargain

    I saw this advertisement on my flat's notice board few days ago. To be honest with you, i laugh at it when i first saw it. I found it very funny because this person trying to sell his second items through notice board. I wonder who going to buy a second hand electrical items by the way.In my opinion, i think this guy is desperately trying to get rid of his unwanted items.

   However if you looking at another view (bright side), I personally think this person is a clever businessman who take opportunity to start a side business using only what he have. Why do i say he is a clever businessman? This is because he get rid of his problem (I assume) and make profit from it. Kill two birds with one stone. Normally, people will keep this items or give it away.

   Nevertheless you can start this kind of side business without investing a lot money and earn a little bit of extra money/income for yourself. The best part are you can start it anytime and anywhere you want.

   Look around your house if there anything you wanted to get rid such as old magazines, comic books, clothes & etc and start selling it a reasonable price. If you want your side business sustainable, you can also try collecting second hand items(old items) or unwanted item which is still usable from your relative , neighbourhood. If they don't want to give you for free, you can try to negotiate and buy it from them as a last resort. Remember you have buy it at low price and sell high (reasonable price)

  For this case, that person's target group is lower income or probably student. You have to figure out who are the person most likelihood to buy this items and advertise your business at appropriate place. Post your advertisement at notice board, online forum, facebook or bargain website such as lelong.

  Since i have a lot of first day cover stamp in my house, maybe i should start trying to make profit from it by selling through bargain website and forum.

There is a lot of first day cover stamp in my drawer
  So folks, what are you waiting for? Let's start your own side business :).

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