Thursday, March 3, 2011

I will join force with billions of people around the globe for one cause

       On March 26th 2011, billions of people who have different background,race or religion for will join force together to participate in "Earth Hour". We will banding together as human race (not as malay,chinese,red-indian)to make a difference and show others(non-participant) that what we can do for our beloved mother nature.

It's how our earth look like during night from sky

What is Earth hour,exactly?It's global(biggest) voluntary event where to raise awareness among us towards the need to take action on climate change. This is an event to encourage people to take action now to reduce carbon footprint. It's show that we as a Homo sapies(human) still care and love our earth and it's inhabitant

On 26th March 2011

It's start with Sydney in 2008.Now, and more and more country , cities, business participate in these event to turn off their non-essential lights. This event will be bigger and bigger in the future.

You might be asking what can we do for our earth? It's simple, just turn off your light and shutting down your computer from 8:30pm till 9:30pm. I encourage you guys to go turn off your light and computer beyond that 1 hour. Second, don't light up a candle as most of them made from paraffin, a heavy hydrocarbon which increase, instead of a decrease, in carbon dioxide emission.

Eiffel Tower turning off its light during Earth Hour

What you can do during earth hour?There a lot of activities you can do without light. You can either take a nap, star gazing, taking pictures, gather at KLCC or KL tower to see them light out.

Star gazing activities during earth hour is the best (without any light pollution).Let's pray for clear night sky :)

So what are you waiting?

Take action now rather than later.

Let's vote for our earth by switching off light.

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