Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to protect your votes from being traced?

    This is an educational video from a group of activist from sarawak, Malaysia. One of them is actually happen to be my university classmates. They teach us how to protect our votes from being traced and how should we react when it's happen. Unfortunately, most of video is in Malay language. The good news is i will translate  the video in English so that for those who didn't understand Malay at all. I also make a review for this video as well.

   Although , i can make translation for most part of the video. However, some parts i unable to translate it. This is due sometimes they speak too fast, not clear enough. As a result, i didn't understand what they are trying to say.

This is my translation and review:

 The video above show us how the voting process is going on in the scene from 1:11 min till 2:09 minutes.They show us step by step of casting our vote in the ballot box.

1) Using Mykad (Identification Card) to check and verify the details of yours such as name and IC number. Hand over your Mykad to assistant officer Please don't forget to bring your MyKad during election.

2)Assistant officer from PKR will read your name & IC number loud & clear.

3) Before they give you ballot paper, make sure they separate it first from counterfoil.

4) Draw a cross in your vote paper and fold it neatly. Please don't make a cross which is too big until it cross to another box. It will become invalid vote.

5)Put your ballot paper in the ballot box.

Can your vote be traced? (2:09)
First situation:  Series numbers of ballot paper written on the name list of voters(2:22)

Guy A (Batman T-shirt): What are you writing on it , sir? - 2:52

Assistant Officer: Don't worry, this is a normal procedure - 2:53

Guy A: * i can't translated as i don't know what he is trying to say* - 2:54

Assistant Officer:  Yes, this is just a normal procedure - 2:56

Scene change

Girl A: What are you writing? - 3.25

Assistant Officer: This is just a normal procedure - 3:27

Girl A: You're not supposed to write anything on it - 3:30

Assistant Officer: Miss, this is just a normal procedure - 3:31

Girl A: No, i think it is wrong - 3:34

Assistant Officer: Miss, please proceed ahead - 3:38

Girl A: No no no, i know my right. I object (challenge?) - 3:39

   We can make a challenge or objection if assistant officer write anything on the name list of voters.

Narrator: In the process of voting, you're encourage to take action to protect your vote.For example , when you verifying your personal details , you have to make sure assistant officer make a line only and didn't joint down anything on the paper.

Situation 2: Number of mykad written on the counterfoil or behind the vote ballot.

Guy A: Eh, is this my id number on the ballot paper? - 4:38

Assistant Officer: Yes. It's alright, it's nothing. This is just a normal procedure. - 4:41

*That's not the right way to react*

Girl A: Why my IC number on it? - 4:50

Assistant Officer: Umm. It's alright, it's nothing. This is just a normal procedure. - 4:54

Girl A: You're not supposed to write anything on my ballot paper - 4:58

Assistant Officer: No, it's a procedure - 5:01

Girl A: No, i object!

We can challenge if the assistant officer write anything on the counterfoil or behind the ballot paper.

Narrator: Besides that,you have to make sure there is nothing written on counterfoil on the ballot paper.

If this situation happen to you, what can you do?

Girl A: Why my ic number here? - 5:32

Assistant Officer: It's just a procedure - 5:33

Girl A: You're not allowed to write anything on my ballot paper. -5:34

Assistant Officer:  I just following the procedure je. - 5:35

Girl A: I object  - 5:37

Observer: Miss, if you want to object or challenge , please complain(refer) to vote officer - 5:38

(5:47) On the right hand side of the narrator are observers. They are observers from politic party (all competing party). On the left hand side of the narrator is the observer from SPR. If you have any trouble while in the process of voting, you can refer to him.

Reminder: Assistant officer can't write anything at all on the name list of voters, counterfoil or ballot paper.

Situation 3: Ghost Voter

Someone who using your mykad to vote and pretend to be you.

Assistant officer: I'm sorry, mister. You already cast your vote. -6:28

Guy A: Nope, i just reach here. -6:29

Assistant officer: According to my record, you already vote - 6:30

Guy A: I just reach here, this is my IC (mykad) - 6:32

Observers: Excuse me, this is suppose not going to happen. Please refer to officer for any objection -6:48.

Please make sure there is no one casting your vote.

Narrator: This is how we protect our own votes. As a citizen, we have right and responsibilities to make sure the on-going process of voting going to fair and smooth. Our vote our right.


  This educational video is not only useful for first time voters but also for those who have the right to casting their vote. They easy step-by-step guide is very easy to understand. If you follow their guide properly, you shouldn't have any problem when you casting your vote. Please spread this video to anyone you know so that we can educate as many as people as we can before the next general election will coming.


  1. I hope more people will know about this. :)

  2. Let's educate our family and our friends first :). Then i hope everyone in our community will know :)


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