Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy 200th anniversary birthday Robert Bunsen

    Today 30th of March mark the birth of a famous German scientist in which his huge contribution to science and our technology is still live on till today. His name is Robert Bunsen. I'm sure that all of us heard this name before in our school especially during in the science laboratory times. His famous invention is still widely use in laboratory today which is Bunsen Burner (in malay, Penunu Bunsen).

Google's new doodle to celebrate 200th anniversary birthday of Robert Bunsen

   Thank you for google reminding all of us of his happy 200th anniversary birthday. They put a new animated logo/doodle in their site (google) with Bunsen burner in it to mark the birth of Robert Bunsen.

    Here is a list of his notable finding, discovery and invention which make a enormous impact towards humanity:

1) Discovery of the use of iron oxide hydrate as a precipitating agent is still the best-known antidote against arsenic poisoning. (in 1833)

2)created the Bunsen cell battery. The first cell battery using a carbon electrode instead of the expensive platinum electrode. (in 1841)

3)used electrolysis to produce pure metals such as chromium, magnesium, aluminium, manganese, sodium, barium, calcium and lithium. (in 1852)

4)the creation of  Bunsen burner which provided a very hot and clean flame. (in 1855).

5)the discovery of new chemistry elements which are cesium and rubidium (from 1859 to 1860).

To read more about biography of Robert Bunsen, you can click here. I wish Robert Bunsen happy 200th anniversary birthday and thank you for your contribution.

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  1. Wow....the discovery of penunu bunsen is already 2 years? :p


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